Another Year for the Books.


2018 was a big year for us. Soufra traveled the world, we realized we had an incredible tribe of people who believed in our work, and we changed our name! Below are some of the highlights. 



Screenings of Soufra


Raised for MAriam, the WPA & Nawras


screening at the vatican, with Mariam in attendance


Festival awards for Soufra


The four moments that brought us to tears in 2019:



The Soufra Cookbook is loved around the globe and has inspired both individual supporters and restaurant owners of the film to recreate the tastes featured in the film. It is available for purchase on www.soufrafilm.com and on Amazon. 

The Soufra Cookbook was Best in the World finalist in the 2018 Gourmand Cookbook Competition.

It has garnered international acclaim from influencers around the globe.


"Everything about this cookbook brings me joy! The recipes will fill your home with aromas centuries in the making and the story of how they came to us, should fill all of our hearts with hope for a better world."
- Susan Sarandon

"This beautiful book, with stunning photography and delectable recipes, is brought to you by the world's first women-led refugee truck. It will not only fill your tummy, it will also fill your heart."
- Padma Lakshmi

"A fortifying book on every level."
- Mary Louise Parker


Square Zero exists not only because we want to make the world a better place and not only because we love making these amazing films. We believe we can do both.  


What makes Square Zero unique is:

We make award winning, critically acclaimed films.

Our films have purpose – giving voice to those unheard and drawing attention to issues often ignored.

Our work extends beyond the film. We create paths for people to DO something after the credits roll – to be part of a solution and to take part in something bigger than themselves.

These outcomes were made possible because of you—those who are bold enough to believe in us and our vision that making meaningful social change through film is possible. 


Screenings of Soufra around the world in 2019