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New name, new vision.

We have big news! We’ve changed our name and refined our vision. We’re so excited to have our tribe join us on this new journey. Click through to read more!

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Soufra: Nawras Preschool Open!

With the help of Soufra, the Nawras Preschool, a long-time dream of Mariam’s, has opened in the Burj el Barajneh camp in Beirut, Lebanon. This school will provide education to 75 children, educating the next generation and enabling their mothers to work and bring income into their households.

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New Project: Ebony Jones

Sex trafficking. It’s hard to even read or say the words. But it’s a topic more people need to understand if we’re going to make progress, and make it stop. So we want to tell a story; a small story that speaks to a bigger issue.  We want to know why and how we are raising boys who become the men that most often generate this demand.

Ebony Jones is a trafficking survivor, advocate & expecting mother who ventures to discover what leads men to buy sex and how we can raise boys to end the cycle for the next generation.

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Breaking Bread & Soufra @ the Vatican

This past December, Soufra, an inspirational documentary about social entrepreneur Mariam Shaar, who overcame the limitations imposed from a life in an impoverished refugee camp to successfully launch a thriving catering company, screened at the Pontifical Orientale Institute at The Vatican.

The event inspired the launch of the Breaking Bread Initiative, which aims to organize 1000 screenings of Soufra in 2019 in communities around the globe, to build bridges across cultural and religious divides.

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